30 day paleo challenge

Sometimes I wish I had a restart button for my life and I could go back for a fresh start to be able to reset everything and erase the awkwardness in life I have faced. I wish i could start the 30 day paleo challenge few years ago!

I am talking about the time I was a fat person. I love eating and used to eat a lot. I didn’t have any balance in my diet and as a result I grew up as a fat kid. In my school days, I was getting humiliation from my schoolmates, friends and family for my over weight. I was always cautious of what I was wearing while I was out and about, and if anyone was looking at me.

I had tried countless diet plans, nothing worked and I became even more frustrated.

I used to think; if there could be any “Magic” to change myself 🙁 I would have done anything for that. Well, no magic happened but one day, I saw an ad on fb about 30 day paleo challenge!

I visited the site about paleo; it felt promising so I did some Google study. I found MANY success stories around the web; a lot good reviews and I got convinced to give paleo diet a try.

Before I go into detail, let me scream first, finally, I have lost 12 LBS!!!!

After trying out paleo for 30 days, I started to lost good weigh.
Now after several months, I’m perfectly fit and I think, I’ve became an expert of the paleo world.

30 Day paleo challenge is definitely worth sharing, so here is my in depth review on it. If you have tried everything and failed, just like me – give this one a last try.

I promise, you won’t regret. And best part – paleo is tasty, delicious, awesome!!
Take a look at the pictures below, you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

30 day paleo challenge
My Favourite Healthy & Tasty Paleo Meals

What is a paleo diet?

The Paleo diet, also known as caveman diet is mainly based on the ancient cooking method.” Its not exactly a diet, but a lifetime program of eating habit to improve your health and well-being and minimize the risk of chronic disease that ledge the Western world”- said by Loren Cordian, PHD, Who popularized the caveman plan. It is a healthy diet that includes whole unprocessed food, grass produced meat, fish and seafood, pesticide free vegetables, nuts, fresh fruits, eggs and healthful oils. This food habit is basically the food habit that our ancestors used to do.

Benefits of Paleo diet:

The Palio diet is the healthiest way to improve your overall health. This diet eliminates processed food and replaces it with fresh, organic food that has numerous health benefits. It improves blood lipids, increases immunity and lose weight. It has more health benefits like it stabilizes blood sugar, reduces allergies, is anti-inflammatory, clears your skin and makes better teeth. Also Paleo diet for weight loss is very effective and this diet actually burns off stored fat and gives you balanced energy throughout the day. It also improves sleep quality.

How I started my 30 day Paleo challenge:

My first step of starting the 30 day paleo challenge was get rid of toxic foods from my life and throw it from my cup-board and stop eating all kinds of harmful food. I made the mindset of taking the challenge and make a paleo diet grocery list so that I can make easy paleo meals.

1st week of my 30 day paleo challenge:

The first week has been a bit tough as it was a very new food habit and I have never cooked it before so I started with easy paleo meals I found from Internet. After four days, I have noticed changes in me. My digestion System was improved and after the week I have had a quality sleep. And my most happy moment was, when I saw I had lost 4lbs. Yes, its true! And this weight-loss motivated me to step forward into week two. Oh, also with the diet, I used to walk 30 minutes every morning.

2nd and 3rd week of the 30 day Paleo challenge:

These two weeks, I have cooked so many tasty dishes and I was so happy with the results in me. I had very good sleep, good digestion, my skin was getting better (and he was loving it 😀 ), my allergies were gone and I lost almost 6lbs more.

Last week of 30 day Paleo challenge:

My last week passed by so quickly as I was excited and was roaming around shopping malls. I could see all the dresses that were meant to look good on lean girls, starting to look good on me! On top of that my skin is glowing, my blood sugar became stable and I have lost about 12 lbs in total on this 30 day Paleo challenge.

I am simply loving this paleo diet, as I lost weight, am keeping it off, gotten better skin and even got a perfect sleep cycle. It has made my life easier, healthier and happier. If you can stick with it for a month on paleo, then it will not be hard at all to continue.

I have checked out a lot of different programs available, and I really loved the 30 Day step-by-step paleo program.

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