Greenery, soft music, comfy temperature and comfy sitting makes a house “home”. I’m about to go for a home renovation, and thinking about to have tons of air plants, specially floral greenery air plants.

Air plants are very easy to grow and very easy to take care. Best part is soil doesn’t need to grow these plants. Air plants look great as architectural elements or in terrarium. Most of the air plants grow in strap shape or slender triangle shape leaves. But the most attractive shape is tubular or funnel shape flowers.

A small corner will full of green makes the house alive. I’m happy now that corner can hang above the corner and I can save the space for something else too. I guess, a comfy reading chair and over head air plants will be awesome.

I’ve gone through tons of air plants and listed my top 6 pick here:

Glass Terrarium – click the image for more details.
Glass Vase Plant Terrarium – click for details.
Irregular Geometric Hanging Planters – click for details.
Hanging Metal Cube with Pyramid – click for details.
Hanging Plant Terrarium Tube – click for details.
air plants
Decorative Ceramic Hanging Planter – click for details.

Air Plants are just awesome!

They look very nice, and gives a sense of green and relaxation. It’s also good on eye. Take a look at some more air plants and make decision about ordering some air plants right now! Check out the video below for some more ideas about air plants –

Loved air plants? Take a look at these different air plants & prices.

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