Do you feel a little low? Or do you persistently feel sad? Or did you lose interest in daily activities? You might think these are common facts of life. But if these are affecting your life significantly and causing more problems day by day- then most likely you are suffering from Depression.

Yes, depression also known as major depressive disorder is a common and serious mental illness that affects your daily life negatively and causes feelings of sadness or loses interest in activities you used to enjoy. According to World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the common illness worldwide and the leading causes of disability.  Around 350 million people are suffering from depression- estimated by WHO.

Depression is a mental health disorder. Continuously feeling sad or lose of interest of daily activities are the major characteristics of depression. It’s an indefatigable problem, it doesn’t go easily. 6 to 8 months are the average period of depression.  People suffer from mood swing in day to day life. But temporary change of emotion is not countable with depression.


The exact reason behind depression cannot be identified, but a number of things are linked for its development. A combination of current affairs and few long term facts can be the combination of the result of depression. Few common factors are more likely to be involved as-

Genetics: Depression can come from blood relation and it can be a risk for the generation to generation. But it’s not so oblivious that if a family member is suffering from depression, so you will suffer too.  Other personal things can be the reason behind your depression.

Trauma: Facing an early age trauma can cause a life-long fear and stress and that can be the reason of major depression.

Personality: People with low self- esteem, excessive conscious, tendency of getting worried easily are more likely to have a history of suffering from depression.

Medical condition/serious illness: People who have serious illness, sick for a long period of time, having chronic pain, sleep disturbance, anxiety can be the reason of depression. Few medications also cause serious depression.

Life events: Work issue, relationship, divorce, financial problems, bereavement, stress can lead a long term depression.

Alcohol abuse:  Abuse of alcohol and drugs cause serious problems and approximately 30% of people face major depression because of those.

There are few major reasons that cause depression. There are other factors like biological, environmental, social, head injury or psychological can also be the reason behind depression.


Depression affects people in different ways and can cause a wide variety of symptoms. If you are suffering from some of the following signs more than two weeks and most of the days, you may be suffering from depression.

  • Feeling unhappy and hopeless, disappointed, lack of confidence, stressed, frustrated, restlessness, panic, guilty.
  • Constant tiredness, unintentional weight loss, low appetite.
  • Lose interest of daily activities, not going out anymore, unable of concentration.
  • Loss of sexual desire.
  • Fatigue or lack of energy.
  • Insomnia, waking up early or oversleep.
  • Headache & muscle pain, cramps, digestive problems.
  • Poor ability to think, concentrate or making decisions.
  • Persistence thinking of death and suicide, suicide attempt.

If few of the symptoms are detected then it’s wise to go to the doctor immediately. Some people wait a long to see doctor and it can cause some serious loss. So, without delay it’s better to see doctor ASAP.


Depression is a treatable mental illness. Changes of lifestyle, therapies and medication- these three are the combinations of the treatment.

Medication: Antidepressants are the medicines for depression patients. It helps to improve the uses of certain chemicals and control mood or stress. There are few different medicines for depression and likely any can be prescribed by the doctor that will suit you the most. If there is a genetic history, then the prescribed medicine of the previous relative can be a good choice for the patient.

Therapies: Psychological or talking therapies are more likely prescribed by the doctors. There are few therapies that help depression patients. Cognitive behavior therapies (CBT), Interpersonal therapy (IPT), Behavior therapy, Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) are few effective suggested therapies by the psychiatrists that can cure depression.

Life-style: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very beneficial for any person. Easting healthy food, regular physical activities, a good sleep is very crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Talk to other people, make friends, and spend time with trusted friends or relatives refreshes mind and can give a good vibe. Giving up drinking and smoking, taking decisions and setting goals can help a lot to reduce depression.  Self help is the most important part here. It can change a lot of things.

Depression can cause a lot of harms to the affected people, their family and all. 15% of people who are clinically depressed cause suicide every year. There is no point of living with depression when you can get help, can cure it and have a healthy, happy life. Apart from the treatment there are also different support groups, forums, self help books who can help to get better understanding and identify the reasons behind depression. Sharing views, experiences and suffering the similar symptoms can be very supportive to each other. So, get help and identify your depression and cure it today. It’s never late!!!!!!!

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