Flexible Smartphones

Is your smartphone “Flexible”? Not yet? Okay no worries, it will be very soon! Flexible smartphones are the new tech. Wrap, bend, twist, fold – these are the new words that you’ll love to say very soon about your new phone.

A number of phone giants including Samsung, Lenovo has already started to work on different prototypes of flexible smartphones and we already have few concept phones ready to bend and twist.

Check out the video below –

Okay, even if my phone can do that, I won’t personally keep doing it. But I like the idea of smartphones or tabs with foldable display. For example if I could fold my 9 inch tab into 2 part and carry on my pocket, i would get excited.

There is also a rumor about Samsung Galaxy X series which will be foldable, but there is no exact press release or any official release announcement yet.

Samsung Galaxy X
Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smart Phone Concept.

Last year Lenovo shared a prototype concept phone “Lenovo Bendy cPlus” with the world, and internet world went crazy. From the CNET review, it seems like bendable display tech will get us some wearable phones too.

Lenovo cPlus Flexible Cell Phone
Lenovo cPlus Flexible Cell Phone

The internet world is busy for years to find out what exactly what will be the use or benefit of foldable display and bendable smartphones. So far the answer is – flexible phones will generally have large folding display and we will be able to fold them into small and carry on our pocket. Or maybe you can flip open your 11 inch laptop and then again flip open your folding display to have a 22 inch display, or who knows 33 inch maybe.

Check out the Roll Notebook concept video to understand foldable display for laptops –

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