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Increase productivity at work can increase your value at your work place. This is very simple to understand – the more productive you are, the more things will be done. And the ones who get things done are the ones have immense value at their work place.

People does a lot things to be productive, but to be really productive, you don’t need to do many things and simple changes can make you productive. Let me share my best 4 tips with you which I believe can raise your productivity by 35% or even more!

1. Stop Being Social for a while

Shut your Facebook, Instagram or whatever app you got running on your phone for a while, log out, switch your phone and STOP using all the social media that connects you with tons of friends that makes you wonder what they are up to. If you can do that during work your productivity will go up-to 20% or more, try it. If you are too much addicted into social sites – then you can do 60 – 20 – 60 – 15 – 60 – 10 methods, which is 60 minutes work, and 20 minutes facebooking, again 60 minutes work then next time 15 minutes facebooking and like that, and eventually you’ll be able to work few hours at once without getting distracted.

2. Stop Being Nice for a while

Famous guy on the work place, so many colleagues around trying to get your tips or just saying hi hello to you? Working from home and your loving family is trying to get some time from you and you are just being nice with everyone? Well – you should stop being nice for a while here, and should state clearly to those well-wishers before you start your work “Hi dear, is there anything you need to know from me or any concerns that needs to be addressed? as I’ll be working for 2 hr, and I need full attention, and I’ll really prefer not to be bugged meanwhile”. You don’t have to be overly nice, and should be BOLD to state you’ll work and you don’t want to be distracted and disturbed for anything that is not related to your current work.

3. Stop Thinking “more”

You are working on one goal, and you are thinking about another goal? Well it happens, and this is the most common distraction we get and it literally kills our productivity. This is kind of mental game which makes you, your enemy to be productive. Try to stop thinking about things that doesn’t relates with your current task in hand. Remember no matter how important thing you are thinking about – if it’s not related with your current task on hand – it’s distracting you, and you need to put that thought aside for the proper time and have to give your full attention to the task you have right now. Being productive is all about being focused, and the key for being focused is – stop thinking about everything, and start thinking about the one thing that needs to be done now. This is how you become a hero – from a zero. If you can’t stop thinking different things then do this small trick – write on a paper “stop thinking other things, focus on your current task” and snap it into your desk or keep it somewhere you can see. It will stop getting unconsciously distracted.

4. Start a new habit

You should start doing something identical, just before you start work. Example – you can buy a special mug, and special coffee and just before you start your work – sip that special coffee on that special mug. Or you can start to write “I will be more productive” 3 times on a paper before you work. The reason it increases productivity is – eventually your unconscious mind will be trained and will prepare yourself for work when you start to do your ritual. It’s kind of a trigger to be prepared for work, and that preparation makes you more productive and focused. Most of the successful people have these habits, it’s called “Morning Ritual” in the work world. Make a ritual for you, a habit for you – that will connect your unconscious mind with your conscious mind and give you the most powers and boost you need to bring your best productivity level.

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