iPhone X

Apple just announced its latest “iPhone X”. The iPhone X came with the tag line “Say hello to the future” and the phone actually looks futuristic with its jaw-dropping “entirely screen” display. The phone is set for pre-order at 10.27 and it will be available at 11.3.

iPhone X

Btw – have you noticed, iPhone 7, then iPhone 8, and BOOM – iPhone X (10)! Where is the 9? Well, my wild guess – the X is so advanced, that we can happily skip the 9, and thats why there is no iPhone 9!

I’ve already seen almost a hundred videos on iPhone X, and came up with few things you I Love about the new iPhone X and few things I hate about it too! If you are thinking – should I sell my kidney to buy one iPhone X, then this article will help you make your decision; quick!

Things I Hate about iPhone X:

  • Price: I hate the price, this is pretty expensive. The 64 GB version starts at $999, and the 256GB starts at $1149.
  • Color: It comes in only Silver and Space Grey. I wish they had the Jet Black and Gold. Girls might also go crazy as there is no Rose Gold either.
  • No Touch ID: People like me, who are heavily in love with Touch ID, will miss it surely.
  • No Home Button: Okay, in case if I feel old school, what button i’m gonna press to go home? Why you guys expect me to swipe up and down, left and right – all the time.
  • No 3.5 mm Head Phone Jack: I just realized, my JVC Xtreme explosive headphones are no use with the new iPhone X, unless i carry an extra converter in my almost full pocket; which clearly sucks.
  • No 128GB Storage option: I can’t fit with 64GB, and I don’t wanna pay that much for 256GB either, where is my 128GB option?
  • Big Screen, No Pencil: I got excited on the new iPad launch, I saw the Pencil and I got sold. I got a pencil now, but hack – the iPhone X doesn’t support apple pencil.

Things I Love about iPhone X: 

  • Super Retina Display: Finally, It’s all screen! Been waiting forever for a “all screen” phone and finally its here. Edge to Edge display. Though there is small notch on the top, but still, it looks amazing. iPhone X comes with a 5.8 inch “Super Retina Display” which is technically 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi OLED HDR display. It has 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio (typical) and 625 cd/m2 max brightness (typical).
  • Strong Build Quality: iPhone X is built by Surgical‑grade stainless steel. Also the front and back glass formation is claimed to be the most durable ever in a smart phone.
  • True Depth Front Camera: Love taking selfie? The 7MP front facing true depth camera can create beautiful selfies with sharp foregrounds and artfully blurred backgrounds. It can also detect body and face. The Portrait Mode Selfie also have “Portrait Lighting” which produces impressive studio‑quality lighting effects.
  • Splash, Water, Dust Proof: Finally I can now take pics near the pool, or beach. Or capture our moments in the rain. iPhone X has been Rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529.
  • Face ID: Okay, no more fake “unlock via face” prank apps! Its time to get real. Your Face is now your password. You look at your iPhone X, it unlocks, your friend looks at it – it says GTFO! Face ID is enabled by the TrueDepth camera. It projects and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face and upon recognition it unlocks.
  • Great Photos & Videos: With dual 12 mp back camera, Dual optical image stabilization, Hybrid IR filter you almost can start taking professional photos with your iPhone X. It has one wide angel ƒ/1.8 aperture and one Telephoto: ƒ/2.4 aperture camera with Six-element lens. And it does record in 4K 60 fps and offers Cinematic video stabilization for HD and Full HD.
  • Neural Engine: iPhone X included a Neural Engine called A11 Bionic. It’s basically Apple’s approach to the Artificial Intelligence. Smart apps like “Face ID” uses artificial intelligence to detect a face with or without beard, and to predict and adopt facial changes over time. According to Apple’s Newsroom – the neural engine performs “up to 600 billion operations per second” to help speed AI tasks. Integrating this Neural Engine to enable AI into the iPhone X seems a real step ahed for making it really a “smart” phone.
    iPhone X Neural Engine A11 Bionic
  • Machine Learning: Okay, your iPhone X can learn now. Through machine learning, iPhone X can learn and adapt new changes into certain apps. In start machine learning is used by Face ID to adapt facial changes. But hopefully we’ll start to see new apps in the market which will take advantage of the machine learning. Just imagine – in a fight game, if your AI opponent starts to learn your moves and starts to uses that learning to defeat you! Machine Learning is powered by the Neural Engine A11 Bionic.
  • Augmented Reality: This is new technology, it blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell. With the A11 Bionic chip, iPhone X is fully ready to handle Augmented Reality. With iPhone X – AR games and apps can reach a new level of fluidity and realism.
  • Gaming: Gaming on iPhone X is phenomena. iPhone X comes with Neural Engine, combined with powerful GPU which is 70% faster then A10 Fusion! With six cores and 4.3 billion transistors gaming on iPhone X is taken to next level. It has Silicon made for Metal 2 and Core ML. Metal 2 is Apple-designed graphics software that lets developers build console‑style games. Core ML enables developers to integrate machine learning into their apps. And the GPU in A11 Bionic is optimized for these new, immersive 3D games and AR experiences.
  • iPhone X accessories: The accessories line up for iPhone X is awesome. You have range of things to add into your iPhone X bucket. You can take a quick look at amazon for the iPhone X things here.

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