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I assume you are trying to find a way to make money online and trying to find something really easy – just to start. In the online world there is literally 100’s of ways to make money. Since you are just starting – I’ll show you few really easy way to start so you can actually see some money started to roll into your pocket.

I’ll give you a base overview of 5 Easy things you can start right now to make some money, and later I’ll try to write each of them in detail. So without further ado – lets jump straight.

  1. Get paid for doing something fun

Already got excited? Sounds like you can have some fun without mulah, and I’m talking about getting some to have fun! Well, I think this is the easiest ever that anyone can possible think about making money online and I’m not fu*** with you. There is a marketplace called “Fiverr” and they have an amazing category called “For Fun” where you get paid from $5 to $500 or even more for doing fun things for them. Example – write a small message on a paper, hold that on your hand and dance like hell for 10 second! Thats it – you can get paid like $10 for that. You are a pretty girl? Well then lets be Facebook based girlfriend for a forever alone guy for 1 day for $20! Love flirt? Well then lets call someone on behalf of someone and do the proposal for him or her and get paid! This is just an example and there is literally 1000’s things people are doing for fun and getting paid for that.

See the prank from here :

  1. Get paid for listening to boring audio – video

Well, not exactly only listening to boring audio – video, you need to do one more thing – write what you hear. It’s called “transcript works”. This is easy as pie, but takes time and the work is boring. And it pays you really well. You can offer your transcript service at different marketplaces such as People Per Hour or Fiverr. The average is $20 per 1000 word transcript work.

  1. Listen to a music and like that!

Well, this is as easy as it sounds. There is a marketplace called Microworkers, where you can actually make 10 cent for just listening to a youtube video and like that, or subscribe to a youtube channel, or like a Facebook post or post a comment into any blog! This place got all kinds of easy and no brainer works. It will not make you a lot money, but for doing literally nothing and using no brain – you can get yourself some nice coffee, burger and pizza! Not bad!

  1. Good Student? Then do others homework & assignment

Well, it is as easy as it sounds. There is tons of places like SchoolSover which will pay you to do homework for them. If you can do assignments then you can make more money. Idea is average $10 to $20 per homework and $30 to $50 per assignment. There is many places you can find these kinda works and start to make some easy money today. You can find a lot info about doing homework, assignment and helping students here on this article.

  1. Get Paid for your opinion 

Companies like MacDonald, Pizza Hut, Star Bucks, Coca Cola and other big brands pay hefty for customer opinion. They actually pay $50 to $100 for each survey you will attend for them. These surveys are basically long and takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Previously taking survey was the easiest sure shot way to make some easy money online, but since it started to get some fame – 100’s of fake survey sites has come forward and they started to scam. If you love the idea for survey subscribe to our newsletter below as we have planned to find and recommend about top 3 survey sites we personally tested.

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